Wearing Thin EP

by Addie Pray

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Thanks 2 Cody Fitzgerald's microphone for recording me.


released June 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Addie Pray Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Addie Pray is Carmen Perry.

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Track Name: Intro
When I go to bed tonight I won't lose any sleep over you
When the sun goes down and the streetlights come on and you walk by, I won't move
Cuz you love the sound of her smile

Lately I've been feeling slightly out of place in his arms
And the way you fix your hair and how you touch my face, no harm
Do you like the sound of my voice?
Track Name: Wearing Thin (EP Mix)
Night becomes our frail anticipation of a Saturday’s pursuits
And as the snow falls on a Sunday you and I fall into routines we've construed
And with each change of pace I hide from you

And on the precipice of patience I half-heartedly accept your hesitance
And I tell myself that I will never let you in my head like this again
Then I accidentally fell asleep in your arms

The air is cold but our backs are warm as we race to forget about the past
So if it makes you happy we can both leave this dumb party with someone else
But I’m hoping you won’t bring her home tonight

So we’ll keep on pretending we’re content with this uncertainty we choose
And I’ll judge your new girlfriend on the content of her heart and on her shoes
Well I think that my thick skin is wearing thin

Endless spaces, stranger places, faces we don’t recognize
We’ll sleep by ourselves tonight and dream about our passive lies
Track Name: With You
It’s too far to walk
And I’m too drunk to move
But if you could find a way back, I’d go with you

Summer heat on our bare feet
Wrinkled sheets and athlete’s feet
Standing close to me you try
To find a place to fall asleep

It’s too long to wait
But I’m too tired to leave
So if you give me a reason, I’ll stay with you
Track Name: Simple Sadness
It’s a simple sadness
Cuz I know that your pride has seen much better days
And you and I collapse
There was snow on your face

And you misunderstand me
Cuz my eyes weren’t asking yours for anymore of your heart
But you overcompensate
And you and I grow apart

But when summer’s feeling wrong
Your face is hot, the subway takes too long to come
Spend one last night with me
And in a month I’ll be gone

If you are weary here’s my shoulder on loan
Reach into my pocket, there’s a bus ticket home
And if that’s still not enough for you, well I don’t know
Cuz I’ve spent the last few months wishing you would call

So take what you need
Cuz it’s all that I have
Goodbye, old friend, guess I’ll be seeing you around
Track Name: Regression (EP Mix)
Telephone wires dripping from heavy sound
I’m alone again but I think that is how I like it
And someone’s radio voice keeps ringing in my head tonight
This strange regression, I collapse into my bed at night

In maps and photographs I have something to hold on to
I don’t wanna talk to you now, so I’ll never leave my bedroom
Cuz it hurts to remember the weekends that we spent before
But now I am jaded and these memories can’t hurt me anymore

Countless Sundays drive past your house, windows down, stereo loud
Hoping you’ll see me, hear me, I’m a stalker but I am not proud
Cuz it’s easier for me to languish than to open up my mouth
I won’t tell you how I feel so my stillness weirds you out

Streets I used to recognize look more like road maps when I go
I’m too tired to run into somebody I used to know
Maybe I’ll see you later if I ever change my mind
But you won’t call and I won’t answer, it’s what happens every time

And I feel different now, more different than I ever felt back then
But I still paralyze myself so I guess high school never ends
So for now I’ll just lay here and never open my eyes
This strange regression, I collapse into my bed at night